RateHighly Changelog

Your source for recent updates to RateHighly and our simple service for getting your customers to leave reviews on G2 and Capterra. For support, check out our help center. If you'd like to suggest a new feature or improvement, please see our roadmap and suggestion form.

March 2024

  • Added in-app testimonials to enable your users to give a testimonial without leaving your app
  • Added integrations with Twitter (X) and LinkedIn to enable sharing of testimonials on social media - and more!
  • Redesigned the dashboard to put user feedback and testimonials front and center
  • Added a ChartMogul integration so you can track MRR by NPS score
  • Added Companies, so you can see the feedback and testimonials grouped by company
  • Added testimonial suggestions to make it much faster to get testimonials from your users
  • Added a Slack integration which notifies you when you receive feedback or a testimonial

Feb 2024

  • Added the Campaigns feature to make the review generation process highly customizable
  • Added the Segments feature to group users by user attributes like name, region, account name, and predicted rating, and session attributes such as current page.
  • Added in-app followups to improve review rate
  • Made it possible to integrate with any review site, including Google Reviews, Hubspot App store, and Shopify App store
  • Added direct integration to TechBible
  • Added Rewards feature for offering incentives to your users for leaving reviews, including positive impact rewards such as planting a tree.Beta feature
  • Made it possible to reply to emails sent by RateHighly
  • Added Google Tag Manager integration to integrate with RateHighly with no-coding required.
  • Fixed a bug in the Segment integration that prevented events from being sent to the EU Segment region
  • Many small improvements to the RateHighly dashboard and in-app modal

Jan 2024

  • Event log to see all interactions RateHighly has had with your users.
  • Added plant a tree feature.
  • Various improvements to the in-app modal to improve CTR and UX.
  • Sandbox for previewing the in-app modal and emails as you make customizations.
  • More controls over the thresholds for showing the in-app modal and triggering a review request.
  • Segment integration to send rating events and scores to your Segment account. Beta feature
  • Public Ratings metrics and notifications system. Beta feature

Dec 2023

  • Added a change log!
  • NPS mode that enables showing your users a fully NPS-compatible flow, including a 0-10 rating scheme and questionnaire.
  • Analytics dashboard for tracking your progress to getting a 5 star review on G2, Capterra, GetApp, and ProductHunt.
  • New behavioural model which understands what your customers rate highly.
  • Email follow-ups to gently request a review from your users.
  • Customizable in-app modal for requesting reviews from your users.
  • Get notified when you receive a new review.
  • Support for G2, Capterra, GetApp, and ProductHunt.