The easiest way to collect feedback from users

The easiest way to automatically get user feedback.


Set and forget

Automatically collect feedback in-app or via email.

Dedicated landing page

A free hosted landing page to collect feedback.

Net Promoter Score®

Use our free, customizable NPS survey.


Share and embed testimonials in minutes.

Actionable feedback, automatically

Collect 10x more feedback than you would otherwise with our pre-built and AI-backed in-app modals, banners, buttons, and email campaigns.

Feedback capture
Extract feature requests

Build the right thing

Feature requests are automatically extracted from user feedback, available on all plans.

Start gathering feedback
Build the right thing

Connect the tools you love

Integrate feedback and NPS into your workflow with our integrations with Segment, Slack, and ChartMogul, export your data to a CSV, or build your own integration with Zapier and our API.


The easiest way to collect and share feedback

Get started for free and start collecting testimonials in minutes.

In-app, email, or via a link

Auto-request feedback wherever your users are.

Net Promoter Score®

Bring your own or use our free NPS tool.

No-code setup

Zero coding required.

Slack notifications

Notify your team of new feedback and NPS scores.

Spot churn risks

Connect MRR to feedback and feature requests.

Feedback autocomplete

Helps users write feedback.

Feature extraction

Automatic feature request prioritisation.

All in one simple dashboard

See all your feedback and NPS in one place.

Questions and answers

1 Is RateHighly feedback a paid service?

Many feedback and NPS services are paid services, but you can use RateHighly's feedback service for free. There are no limits to the amount of feedback you can collect.

We add a small RateHighly badge to the bottom of your feedback requests, which helps us to spread the word. If you'd like to remove the badge, you can upgrade to our Growth plan which offers features designed for managing very large volumes of feedback.

2 How does the feedback tool work?

RateHighly automatically collects feedback from your users, so you know what they think, and we make it super easy to see what features and bugs your users want prioritised. Not the kitchen sink, just exactly what you need.

3 Can I use RateHighly for free?

Yes, our Starter plan is perfect for individuals or small to medium sized businesses that are collecting feedback. You'll have access to all of our core features. There's no limit to the amount of feedback or people you can survey on the Starter plan. Our free Starter plan also includes our Testimonials, Reviews, and Analysis features too.

4 Can I choose which users I ask for feedback?

Yes, the in-app campaign allows you to select which users to survey, using user attributes like country and session attributes like their current page.

5 Does requesting feedback require coding?

No, you can create and customize feedback requests without writing any code. You can also request feedback in-app using our widget, and this just requires copying and pasting a small snippet of code.

For full details, please see our getting started guide.

6 How often will RateHighly request feedback?

You can decide how often users are surveyed. For instance, this can be once a quarter, once per year, or just once and never again. You can also trigger feedback requests in-app based on user actions, with no coding required.

7 Is the feedback anonymous?

You can choose whether you want to survey users anonymously or associate the feedback with their user account. If you choose to associate feedback with a user account, you'll know who left the feedback and can follow up with them.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO at ChartMogul

RateHighly just makes so much sense. It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO