Collect, share and embed testimonials for free

The easiest way to automatically get more testimonials and display them on your website.

The free testimonials tool from RateHighly, the easiest way to collect and share testimonials.

Set and forget

Automatically collect testimonials in-app and from the web.

Dedicated landing page

A free hosted landing page to collect testimonials.

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Import testimonials from any source.

Wall of love

Share and embed testimonials in minutes.

Automate your testimonial collection

Collect 10x more testimonials than you would manually with pre-built in-app modals, banners, buttons, and email campaigns.

Testimonial capture
Dedicated landing page

Receive testimonials from any source

Use our free hosted landing page to collect testimonials from your users. Import testimonials from any source, including email, social media, and more.

Start gathering testimonials
Receive testimonials from any source

Create a wall of love

Add testimonials collected by RateHighly and from any other source to a hosted Wall of Love. Create as many walls as you like, with no limits. Embed the walls on your site and share them with potential customers.

Embed testimonials on your website

Showcase your testimonials

Embed testimonials from any source on your site, with no limits.

Start sharing your testimonials
Showcase your testimonials
Turn testimonials into customer stories

Build customer stories that convert

Use free, hosted customer stories tool that you can embed on your site.

Get customer stories
Build customer stories that convert

The easiest way to collect and share testimonials

Get started for free and start collecting testimonials in minutes.

In-app, email, or via a link

Auto-request a testimonial wherever your users are.

Only ask happy users

No need to ask unhappy users for a testimonial.

Trigger with NPS

Bring your own or use our free NPS tool.

No-code setup

Zero coding required.

Wall of love

A free, hosted testimonials wall.

Slack notifications

Notify your team when a new testimonial comes in.

ChatGPT integration

Writes testimonials for your users.

All in one simple dashboard

See all your testimonials in one place.

Questions and answers

1 Is RateHighly testimonials a paid service?

Many testimonial services are a paid service, but you can use RateHighly's testimonial tool for free. There are no limits to the number of testimonials you can add, where you can source them from, or the number of times you can use them – they're your testimonials, after all.

We add a small RateHighly badge to the bottom of your wall of love, which helps us to spread the word. If you'd like to remove the badge, you can upgrade to our Growth plan.

2 What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is a positive statement about your app. This could be a quote from a user, a review, or a case study. Testimonials are a powerful way to build trust with potential customers and to show that your app is loved by your users.

RateHighly automates the collection of testimonials from around the web, and you can also add testimonials manually.

3 Can I use RateHighly for free?

Yes, our Starter plan is perfect for individuals or small businesses that are just getting started with testimonials. You'll have access to all of our core features. There's no limit to the time you can spend on the Starter plan. The Starter plan includes our Feedback, Reviews, and Analysis features too.

4 Can I share my testimonials on social media?

Yes, you can share testimonials anywhere you like -- they're your testimonials! We offer a free tool for sharing testimonials, too – just click "Share" on a testimonial and you can create an image ready to share on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

5 How do I create a Wall of Love?

To create a free wall of love simply go to to begin building your wall of love. If you don't have a RateHighly account you can create one for free - no credit card required. You can start adding testimonials to your wall, with no coding required.

When you are ready click "Publish" to create a public wall of love you can share with potential customers. You can also click "Copy embed code" and paste the code into your website to embed your wall of love on any site. For a full detailed guide, please see our documentation.

6 Can I create multiple walls of love?

Yes! The RateHighly free plan comes with unlimited walls of love. You can create as many walls as you like, with no limits.

7 Can I add testimonials from review sites like Capterra?

Absolutely, RateHighly integrates with all major review sites, and you can add testimonials from any source. You can also add testimonials manually.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO at ChartMogul

RateHighly just makes so much sense. It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO