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Thoughtfully persistent emails that are proven to get your users to review on G2 and Capterra

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Thoughtfully persistent emails

RateHighly's free email review request feature gets results.

  • Emails stop once a user gives a review. If a user doesn't review, RateHighly follows up.
  • Always contextual and aware of customer service interactions
  • Trigger from an in-app interaction
  • Supports BCC and CSV upload as a no-code solution
  • Send from the person your user knows best
RateHighly turns your users into advocates

Users rate highly when emails are thoughtful and persistent

It can take a few emails, but if they are thoughtful, personal, and contextual, then review request emails do get results.

We all get a lot of email. The best thing you can do is not send an email cold. It applies to sales and also to review requests.

That's why we strongly recommend only sending an email after an in-app review request. That way, you know the user is engaged, and you can reference their recent interactions. You can also make sure that only you send an email to a user who rates your product highly, so you don't bother users who aren't motivated to advocate for your product.

Emails should be thoughtful and personal. Try to send them from the person at your organisation that your user knows best - perhaps their account manager or a support rep they've interacted with. At minimum the email should appear to come from that person - for results at a scaling organisation it's important automate this.

It's also important to be persistent. We've found that users are more likely to review after a few emails that arrive at the perfect moment. A drip campaign isn't just about frequency, it's about sending email at the right time and not overloading your users.

Tips for requesting a review via an email drip campaign

  • Make sure the user is expecting the email
  • Use personalised messages that reference prior interactions
  • Send emails from the employee that interacts with your user the most
  • Ask users who you know are ready to advocate for your product

This is a lot of work, and hard to automate. That's why even large companies still get best results when writing emails manually.

At RateHighly, we've got it right. We recommend taking our drip campaign feature for a spin. You can get started with our no-code tools for an immediate impact, and then integrate with your app and systems to get category-leading results.

Get started

Drip campaign emails are included free with all plans, and you can use the CSV upload feature to get started immediately. RateHighly offers a 14 day free trial of our Growth plan to new users, and a forever free Starter plan, which will grow your profile on G2.


“RateHighly just makes so much sense! It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.”

Nick Franklin, CEO at ChartMogul