Gift card for reviews

Users are x3 more likely to review when offered an incentive like a gift card to review on G2 and Capterra.

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Offer gift cards to review your B2B SaaS

When requesting a review you're asking your users to give you their valuable time. If your business offers an incentive (like a gift card) you're not only showing you value your users - you'll see better results.

  • A fully managed reward system for G2 and Capterra reviews and referrals
  • RateHighly staff check every review before incentives are given
  • Supports Amazon gift cards, swag, and positive impacts (we plant trees!)
  • Give custom rewards (e.g. two months free) for a high CTR
Users are 2x more likely to review when offered an incentive

Users are more likely to review on G2 when offered an incentive

Sites like G2 and Capterra are the place your prospects go to choose software. Whether that's a CRM, analytics product, SaaS application, or no-code solution, these sites are highly competitive and many high quality and recent reviews is important to stand out. These are great places to get reviews, but it's hard to get reviews on G2 - even if you ask people directly. RateHighly makes it easy to get reviews on G2 and Capterra, and we've found that users are 2x more likely to review when offered an incentive.

RateHighly Incentives is a fully managed service that offers incentives to your users to review on G2 and Capterra. We offer Amazon gift cards, swag, and positive impacts like CO2 capture and contributions to reforestation projects as incentives. You can also access custom rewards on our Business plan.

Tips for offering incentives

  • Choose the right incentive, some people love gift cards, others can't accept monetary incentives
  • Stay relevant by contributing to charities that address problems covered by the news
  • Follow through - if a user is offered a review, make sure they receive it
  • Keep CPR (cost-per-review) under control, set budgets and always verify a review was given
  • Measure your CPR over time so you can compare demand generation investments to results

It's hard to get this right and harder still to keep track of the costs and results. The RateHighly Incentives feature - which is set & forget - makes it easy to give incentives and get results from your demand generation efforts. We've done the hard work for you - and you will only pay for the incentives that are claimed.

Get started

RateHighly Incentives is available on our Growth and Business plans, which are aimed at businesses at their scale-up and brand-building stage. RateHighly offers a 14 day free trial of our Growth plan to new users, and a forever free Starter plan, which will immediately start to grow your profile on G2.


“RateHighly just makes so much sense! It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.”

Nick Franklin, CEO at ChartMogul