Get your happiest users to review your app

RateHighly gathers reviews from your happiest users and helps them to post on review sites like G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra.


Find happy users

Use our built-in NPS tool, or bring your own.

Connect review sites

Use our no-code integrations with G2, Capterra, and more.

Automate review requests

Set up RateHighly and let it run in the background.

Get a high rating

Get more reviews and improve your rating.

Identify happy users

Use a RateHighly survey or connect your own NPS tool, then use RateHighly AI to detect which users are happy – without needing to ask them.


Get your happiest users to review, automatically

RateHighly is a set-and-forget service that gets your most engaged users to post a review to sites like Capterra, G2, SoftwareAdvice, TrustPilot, and many more. Configure the service once and let it generate reviews for you in the background.


Show you're the category leader

Positive reviews can make or break a potential sale. RateHighly helps you to generate trust in your brand by helping your users to improve your rating on G2. Here's just some of what RateHighly can do...

In-app, email, or via a link

Automatically ask for a review wherever your users are.

Only ask power users

Ask your most active users for a review.

Trigger with NPS

Bring your own or use our NPS tool.

No-code integrations

Syncs with G2, Capterra, and more with zero coding required.

Rich segmentation

Group users by attribute and activity.

Rewards program

Fully managed incentives program.

Slack notifications

Notify your team when a new review comes in.

Monitor the competition

Shoot for the moon, benchmark against your closest competitors.

Never spam

Stops messaging when a user reviews.

Personalised interactions

Uses AI for contextual messaging.

CSV Import/Export

Bring your data with you.

All in one simple dashboard

See all your reviews in one place.

Questions and answers

1 Why are reviews important to SaaS companies?

There are two main reasons:

  1. Reviews generate high quality leads. Leads that come through G2 and Capterra typically have high trial-to-paid conversion rates and require fewer sales touchpoints.
  2. Users want to know they’ve chosen the category leader. Reviews give credibility: potential customers trust their peers more than explicit sales or marketing efforts.
2 How many reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra can I expect?

While this varies by customer, you can expect approximately 1 positive review per month on the Starter plan, and approximately 5-10 positive reviews per month on the Growth plan, depending on your company size.

For customers considering the Business plan, please contact sales for a tailored estimate.

3 Can I use RateHighly for free?

Our free 14-day trial gives you access to all of our core features. Our Starter plan is perfect for individuals or small businesses that are just getting started on review sites. You'll have access to all of the core review generation features required. There's no limit to the time you can spend on the Starter plan. The Starter plan includes our Feedback, Testimonials, and Analysis features too.

4 What review sites does RateHighly support?

We integrate directly with all major review sites, and you can get reviews on any review site with our no-code integration tool.

5 Will I get a high rating?

The average rating when applying the RateHighly method is 4.5 stars (out of 5!). We have some users who have 5 stars, and we're also helping some users grow from 4 stars and up. Some companies come to us with no reviews at all, and we're happy to help them get started too.

It's also important to have recent reviews. If your reviews are a few years old, this has a negative impact on your ranking on sites like G2, since reviews are documented by G2 to decay over time. RateHighly helps here too, since we generate 10x more reviews and referrals than the average in-house process.

6 Can I offer gift cards and other rewards for reviews?

Yes, RateHighly can offer gift card rewards for reviews as a paid add-on available on the Growth and Business plans. Please contact our sales team for details of the gift cards and other rewards we can offer your users after they post a public review. Fully managed custom discretionary rewards (such as merchandise, including branded clothing, stickers, etc.) are available on the Business plan. Limits apply dependent on user jurisdiction and the review site ToS.

7 How do I start automating review collection?

With RateHighly, you can connect your review sites and automate the review generation process in minutes. Get started with our Starter plan, and get a free trial of our Growth plan. No credit card required.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO at ChartMogul

RateHighly just makes so much sense. It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.

Nick Franklin, Founder & CEO