How to Get Reviews on G2 and Capterra

In-app prompts, emails, incentives, automation, and more.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of 2024, the pursuit of customer reviews has become a nuanced art for marketers, especially those in demand generation and branding. Gone are the days when a simple email request was enough. Today’s marketing leaders need innovative, ethical, and customer-centric strategies to encourage reviews. This article delves into actionable and forward-thinking tactics that can elevate your review collection process, reflecting the evolving dynamics of customer engagement.

Understanding the Modern Customer Mindset

First, let's understand our audience. Today's customers are savvy, time-constrained, and bombarded with requests for feedback. Your strategy needs to respect their time and offer real value. This shift in customer mindset demands a more personalized and engaging approach to requesting reviews.

Creating a Seamless Review Journey

  1. In-App Prompts: For SaaS marketers, in-app prompts are a goldmine. Strategically placed prompts that appear post-milestone achievements can generate a higher response rate. Ensure these prompts are non-intrusive and offer a straightforward path to leave a review.
  2. Email Campaigns: Email remains a powerful tool but requires a fresh approach. Personalization is key. Segment your audience and tailor your messages. Time your emails post-positive interactions or successful customer support resolutions.

Leveraging Social Proof and Community

In 2024, social proof isn’t just about showcasing reviews; it’s about creating a community feel. Engage with reviewers publicly and authentically. Share reviews on social media and tag the customer (with their permission), creating a sense of community and appreciation.

Incentivizing Reviews Ethically

While incentivizing reviews can be effective, it's crucial to tread carefully to maintain authenticity and comply with platform guidelines. Offer incentives that are ethical and add value to the customer. For instance, access to exclusive content or a chance to feature in a customer spotlight can be more meaningful than monetary incentives.

Utilizing Events and Webinars

Leverage the captive audience in webinars and events. A follow-up message requesting a review post-event can yield positive results, especially if the event provided valuable insights or networking opportunities to attendees.

Partnering with Sales and Customer Success Teams

The sales and customer success teams are often your best allies in generating reviews. Encourage them to request reviews during positive interactions. This requires training and alignment with your overall marketing strategy to ensure consistency and authenticity.

Embracing Automation with a Personal Touch

Automation tools like RateHighly can streamline the review request process, but they should not replace the personal touch. Use tools to segment audiences and personalize messages, and always ensure each communication feels genuine and not robotic.

Responding to and Leveraging Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are inevitable and can be invaluable. Responding to them promptly and thoughtfully can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate. Moreover, they provide critical feedback for improving your product or service.


In 2024, the art of garnering reviews requires a blend of technology, psychology, and ethical marketing practices. As marketing leaders, our approach should be customer-centric, respecting their time and offering value in exchange for their insights. By adopting these evolved strategies, we can not only increase the quantity of our reviews but also enhance their quality, driving our brands forward in an increasingly competitive landscape.

For the marketing professionals reading this - particularly those working in demand generation - remember, the landscape is always shifting. Staying adaptive, empathetic, and innovative in your review collection strategies will not only set you apart but also forge deeper connections with your customers. Let’s embrace these challenges and turn them into opportunities to elevate our brands and customer experiences.

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