Review generation has never been easier

Ask your active users to promote your product when you know they're happy to get more high quality reviews on G2 and Capterra.

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Identify happy customers

We integrate with your existing systems to find your happy customers.

  • NPS integration
  • CSV upload
  • Integrates with your app
  • Connects to Intercom and Zendesk
  • RateHighly AI NEW
RateHighly identifies your happy customers

Turn users into advocates

Ask your happy customers for a review in-app and via email.

  • Personalised & context-aware review requests
  • Customizable in-app modal
  • Auto-request a review after Intercom and Zendesk/Zopim chats
  • Manual trigger through the RateHighly dashboard
  • Custom triggers using our API and SDK
RateHighly turns your users into advocates

Automatically follow up

If a user reviews, we automatically stop following up. If they do not, we automatically follow up.

  • A proven drip email campaign
  • Contextual and thoughtfully persistent
  • Supports BCC and CSV upload as a no-code solution
  • Send from the person your user knows best
RateHighly automatically follows up with your users

Offer incentives

Users are 2x more likely to leave a review when they are offered an incentive.

  • Fully managed
  • Reviews are verified by a human before incentives are given
  • Give Amazon gift cards, merchandise, and positive impact rewards
  • Custom rewards available on our Business plan
Offer gift cards, merchandise, and positive impacts as a reward for giving reviews

Show your progress

Reporting and analytics so you can iterate and demonstrate results.

  • See data from G2, Capterra, GetApp, and more
  • Monitor competitors and your ranking on rating lists
  • Metrics like Review Funnel make optimization a breeze
  • Everything in one intuitive, mobile-friendly dashboard
RateHighly Dashboard

Why generate reviews?

There are two big reasons. The first reason is obvious, the second not so much.

1. Reviews generate high quality leads.

Leads that come through G2 and Capterra have higher conversion rates and faster sales cycles.

People using these platforms already know their problem and are actively looking for a solution. It’s the same as looking for a restaurant for dinner: you’re already hungry - you just need to know which restaurant has the highest rating near you. Businesses searching for solutions are urgently looking to get a problem fixed.

Consider a business searching for the best analytics product on the market. Unlike other leads, businesses like these are deep into the decision-making process. They will likely visit G2’s “Best CRMs in 2024” list, where ranking highly can have a significant impact on lead generation.

The specificity of this traffic, like businesses needing the best analytics product, enhances the probability of meeting unique customer needs efficiently. Attracting them as a lead increases the chances of a quick and successful closure.

2. People want to know they’ve chosen the category leader

As the saying goes, nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM, and that still generally applies today. Users on your website or free trial who have not yet converted frequently check if there’s something better that they should be using before committing to a purchase or upgrade.

It’s generally accepted that a user review is often the most compelling part of a landing page. Reviews generate trust and credibility, since naturally potential customers trust their peers (your existing customers) more than they trust your sales people.

In 2024, a strong profile on G2 can make or break a potential sale - just ask your sales people. And at a time when many SaaS businesses are using a subscription model, a category leading profile on G2 can be the difference between MRR churn or an upgrade.

Get started

RateHighly offers a 14 day free trial of our Growth plan to new users, and a forever free Starter plan, which will immediately start to grow your profile on G2.

Does RateHighly work?

RateHighly’s method is tried and tested.

  • Generates 10x more reviews and referrals than the average in-house process
  • Average of 4.5 stars when using the RateHighly method
  • 95% less staff time required through automation

“RateHighly just makes so much sense! It automates everything needed to reach out to active users, in-app, and direct them to review sites like G2.”

Nick Franklin, CEO at ChartMogul