Send your most engaged users to GetApp

RateHighly discovers your App’s happiest users and turns them into advocates on GetApp.

RateHighly - Automatically collect reviews from your app's active users | Product Hunt


We know when users are happy and ask for reviews at the right time.

AB Test

We AB test everything your users see, so we really know what works.


We generate metrics and insights, to help you understand your users better.

How it works

Ratings are gathered at the perfect time and place

Your most engaged users are asked for feedback at the perfect moment while using your app.

On receiving positive ratings

Your most passionate users will review your product on GetApp

There are millions of early adopters on GetApp, and having many reviews can boost your launch day.

One last thing

Let prospects hear from your biggest advocates

86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software.
* G2 Buyer Behavior Report 2022 (source)