We launched on ProductHunt

In Jan 2024, we launched RateHighly on ProductHunt. We're sharing some advice so that you too can get featured on the homepage and got a bunch of upvotes and comments

Table stakes

1. Build a great product

We spent a long time building RateHighly, did our user research, and built a product that would do what we promised it would. I want to emphasise design, as it's something engineer founders can often overlook. We hired a professional designer to help us with our branding and design.

RateHighly design process

Prepation is 95% of the work

2. Prepare assets and scale up

We made a video, wrote a blog post, and made a bunch of high-res images that showcased our product and the value. We also made sure we had a good landing page, and scaled up our servers so we were ready for the traffic.

Share at the right time

3. Schedule your ProductHunt post

For most SaaS products you want to aim for late afternoon in Europe, and start of day in East Coast US, since these are the largest markets. Scheduling gives you a good shot of getting featured.

RateHighly design process
RateHighly design process

Share widely

4. Send your network to ProductHunt

Post a link to your product launch on all your social networks, particularly Twitter (X) and LinkedIn. A testimonial from a alpha or beta tester can help a lot. Remember: don't ask for upvotes, and don't forget the embed!

Respond to comments

5. Stay involved throughout launch day

Make sure you respond to comments and questions on your ProductHunt post. This is a great way to get more upvotes and comments, and also to get feedback on your product.

RateHighly launch day in progress stats
Launchday traffic

Follow up

6. Finish up

Follow up personally with those who signed up or commented on ProductHunt/LinkedIn/Twitter. Congratulations, you've launched! šŸŽ‰ Hey, maybe write a blog post about it too?