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Why are reviews important for B2B SaaS?

A short history of the first SaaS

Back when Marc Benioff started Salesforce, in 1999, he needed more customers.

Salesforce had a great product, and some good initial traction. They had gone from zero to one. Now they needed to go from one to ten.

Siebel was dominant as the market leader and close competitors Goldmine and Maximiser had launched before Salesforce and were growing fast.

How do you take a company in a new and competitive market (CRM systems) from one to ten, especially when the offering (cloud) was a new concept to potential customers?

Marc arrived at a simple solution by accident. They started hosting conferences and talks for their customers in cities across the US. And they invited their customers to come and talk about how they were using Salesforce.

They found that when new customers heard from existing customers, they were convinced by their enthusiasm. People were blown away by how happy existing customers were with the product. Pretty soon Salesforce had replaced the conferences with meetups at bars, so customers could spend more time talking to each other.

By enabling their customers to sell the product for them, Salesforce grew from one to ten, and now in 2024, close to $300 Billion.

Repeating history

We are repeating history. The SaaS market is growing fast, and there are many new entrants in every category. The market leaders are well established, and the new entrants are looking for ways to grow.

The best way to grow is to get your customers to sell for you. But how do you do that in 2024?

The answer is to use RateHighly. RateHighly is a review generation platform that helps you get authentic, positive reviews from your customers. We help you collect reviews from your customers, and then we help you share those reviews with your potential customers.

A lot has changed since 1999. SEO is important, and sites like G2 and Capterra are the new conferences and meetups. G2 is where your prospects go to find new software, and they are looking for reviews from your customers.

RateHighly sends your most engaged customers to G2 to leave reviews.

We help you go from one to ten.

How RateHighly works

AI battle-tested by e-commerce

RateHighly plugs into your application and identifies your most engaged customers.

For years, e-commerce sites have successfully used clickstream modelling to make predictions about user behaviour. The biggest sites can accurately predict when a shopper with an item in their basket will leave a page, in order to offer them a discount code.

RateHighly applies the same technology to identify your most engaged users. These are the users who are most likely to leave a positive review.

Automated review collection

RateHighly requests a review from your users at the right time and place. That's when they getting their work done - in your application.

Highly engaged users will see a small modal in your application, asking them what they think of your product. The modal is customizable, so it will match your brand and look at home in your application.

RateHighly review modal

Your most positive users will be connected to G2 to share their honest review. When prospective customers look for a solution, your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Email follow-ups

We know that people are busy, and sometimes they need a reminder. RateHighly sends gentle follow-up emails to users who don't leave a review right away.

Like all other parts of the RateHighly end-user UX, these emails are customizable. They can match your brand and come from your own domain.

Review embeds

Once your users have left a review, we help you share it with your potential customers. Reviews are posted to G2 and other sites like Capterra, and we make it easy to embed reviews and testimonials on your website.

RateHighly Embed

Works with all major review sites

RateHighly works with all major review sites, including G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and Google. This means you don't need to integrate with these sites directly, and you can manage all your reviews in one place.

Review monitoring

RateHighly monitors your reviews on G2 and other sites, and alerts you when you get a new review. We also monitor your competitors, so you can see how you compare.

RateHighly Metrics

Proven to work

RateHighly is proven to work. The technology is based on the approach taken when our founder, Bill, worked at ChartMogul. With this approach, ChartMogul generated hundreds of reviews from their customers.

With RateHighly, you don't need anything custom. You can get started and complete setup in 5 minutes.

Just add a script to your application and RateHighly's AI will handle the rest. It's set and forget.

Get started

RateHighly offers a 14 day free trial of our Growth plan to new users, and a forever free Starter plan, which will immediately start to grow your profile on G2.